Katyusha available in Russian and Greek languages

Localization update, first quest and new areas and dialogues.

Dear comrades,

Loresoft is glad to announce the new 0.264 demo update of Katyusha, which is officially our first localization patch!
Both Russian and Greek languages are added to the game with more to come.
If you want to join our localization team then you can send us an email to info@loresoft.gr.

Download the demo on Steam.

Here are our patch notes for v.0.264:

– Added Russian and Greek languages.

– Lyudmila now offers a quest to Katyusha.
– Lyudmila has random quotes about her life when speaking to Katyusha.
– When Katyusha dies, all enemies respawn.
– Reduced saving letters to checkpoints cooldown from 20 to 15 seconds.
– Added NPC menus placeholder.

– Knife is now doing more damage than punches and kicks.
– When Katyusha is reading a letter the game pauses completely.
– Enemies now receive the bullet, when Katyusha shoots them on screen and then they run outside the screen.
– Katyusha can no longer hide in a bush when enemies have detected her.

Bug fixes
– Soldiers are no longer running towards walls when they detect Katyusha.
– When Katyusha dies at Chapter 2 and user quits the game without saving, he is now redirected at the beginning.
– Fixed death animation (ragdolll) by airplanes.
– Fixed a bug in which enemy soldiers where shooting outside the screen.
– Fixed a bug where Katyusha would stay inside a bush when dying.
– Minor fixes when driving the Katyusha Rocket Launcher vehicle and either fuel or rockets end.
– Fixed a bug in which enemy soldiers would fall in the platform below when shooting right next to a dead body.
– Fixed minor user interface issues.
– Fixed minor animation bugs.

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