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Peak Hours Google tells you in real time if a store is full

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  • Peak Hours Google tells you in real time if a store is full

    How many times have you left home to go shopping, but felt unmotivated when entering a store that was crowded? How many times did you leave your shopping basket aside because you got tired of waiting in line for payment? And how many times did he feel like he was suffocating in a crowd? This is one of the major disadvantages associated with traditional commerce : the inability to always provide a quick and personalized service, away from shops full of people and with endless payment queues.

    However in order to draw the increasingly tenuous line between the physical and digital world, Google has updated the Peak Hours Industry Email List tool which, instead of giving you just an estimate of the capacity of a store, tells you in real time if the store is full or not. An ingenious tool that introduces a powerful novelty. This tool, which already helped Google users to escape long queues to visit their favorite restaurants, now has a greater scope. As its name suggests, the “peak hours” tool gives an estimate of the capacity of a given location, depending on the day and time, and now, in real time.

    The tool can only be used through the Google Maps app . rush hour To use this Google feature, you just need to search for an establishment in the search engine or on Google Maps . Once the results and information are displayed, the peak times will appear under an icon saying “Live” . This data is arrived at by comparing real-time movement with regular site movement. The user can still make a complaint if the stocking data does not correspond to the truth. Next to the “live” icon, you can find an option that says: “correct?”. Clicking on the option will open a tab with the phrase “What did you think?” where you can respond to a questionnaire that verifies whether the information given fell short of the real situation.