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    Differentiate ourselves by added value? How do we want to grow, diversifying our portfolio, reaching new customer segments, new geographical areas? Can we and do we want to do it alone or with the help of third parties (strategic partners, through corporate operations, THE IMPORTANCE OF THE STRATEGIC SALES PLAN Today there usa phone list still companies whose strategic plan, so to speak, is the result of a mix between the strategic vision of the property, the experience of its members and the company's own trajectory. This fact, which is not a problem in itself, can make it usa phone list to understand certain business decisions, give rise to contradictions that disorient the team and end up affecting their involvement and commitment, becoming, in many cases, a limiting factor in their motivation and productivity. The objective in this case is, internally or with the help of expert advisers, to carry out a process of analysis and reflection that marks the marketing and commercial development strategy, with 2-3 year objectives.

    In this process, the participation of the sales team and all those profiles that, in one way or another, are involved in the sales and/or customer management process is essential so that they can contribute their vision and knowledge of it. GUIDE TO ESTABLISH A STRATEGIC SALES PLAN Taking this into account, this strategic sales plan must usa phone list some milestones for its implementation and development. I. INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ANALYSIS The usa phone list first step is to identify areas for improvement and challenges to be achieved in the coming years , something that is achieved through in-depth external analysis of the market, trends and competition; and at an internal level, the usa phone list of recent years in terms of sales and profitability by market, type of client, product, channel, evolution of the client portfolio, tools, structure and commercial processes, etc. II. PRODUCT-MARKET-CUSTOMER ECOSYSTEM The starting point and center of all reflection must be the client . Therefore, it is important to rethink who or who are potential buyers and/or users of our product/service and who or who are our current customers, our reality.

    Are we where we want to be? In many cases, as we said at the beginning, our customer database is the result of a mix between what we want and what has come to us due to the company's own inertia, which is often the consequence of a reactive commercial activity or of the need to earn income. Of all of them, we must focus on those usa phone list provide us with greater sales volume and/or profitability, even if this means having to sacrifice certain customer segments or serve them differently or through other channels. III. SEGMENTATION STRATEGY A good segmentation usa phone list can make you gain margin. Therefore, we must focus our strategy differently according to the demand we want to reach and not from the vision of our product / service. The objective is to analyze and get to know our client well and adapt our offer and our arguments and commercial strategy to their needs and demands.