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    Learn tajweed

    What's tajweed science?

    The science of regeneration is a new science that means Jude or make something good.

    It's one of the forensic sciences of reading the Holy Koran and it's new science.

    Because the Holy Koran was handed down by God to our Lord Muhammad.

    With the proliferation and expansion of Islamic countries in non-Arab countries, it is necessary to establish rules for the pronunciation of the Holy Koran, which must be adhered to so that the meaning does not change.

    Because every word in Arabic may have more than one meaning depending on the movements on which it is placed.

    So rules have been established for reading the Holy Koran.

    At first, theoretical rules are taught for regeneration.

    Work training on the rules is then done by continuous reading or by listening to the reading elders of the Koran and trying to recite behind it.

    You can save yourself the time to get into the academy.

    You won't find it better than Alif Arabic Academy.

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