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    According to the promotional video, the sound of a vacuum cleaner can be redeemed for a five percent discount. In contrast, the cry of a baby (92 decibels) means a Phone Number Database almost three times higher Despite its enormous popularity today, the home office is far from being a perfect practice. Many people cannot concentrate in their homes as well as in work spaces. It also eliminates social contact, which many people need as part of their daily routine. Phone Number Database to that must be added the family dynamics, which do not always allow the necessary space for calm and tranquility. Bose's new campaign is aware of the latter.

    This company is especially recognized for its audio equipment. In the midst of the health crisis, the company decided to jump Phone Number Database the home office trend through its sound-canceling headphones. The idea is to try to promote these products as a great and indispensable work tool, considering that not all houses are silent. So for that he decided to design a Phone Number Database original app (and campaign): The Noise-0-Meter. It is phone number database platform that measures the decibels of a home from where people normally work. Sounds such as vacuum cleaners, barking dogs and even the cries of a baby are quantified in decibels.

    And the more intense Phone Number Database noise is, the app will generate coupons with increasingly larger discounts. These vouchers can then be used towards the purchase of noise-cancelling headphones within the Bose Phone Number Database Study: Working from home can make us less creative The art of a dynamic campaign Bose, while clever, is not the first brand to Phone Number Database to offer a promotion or discount based on external factors. In fact, it is an almost classic Burger King strategy. In August 2019 , the chain launched a promotion in Kuwait to lower the price of its ice cream and other cold items based on how hot it was at street level. And in Mexico City.