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Marketing automation tool what you need to know

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  • Marketing automation tool what you need to know

    The marketing automation tools market is a mature market. It is to be expected that the adoption of a marketing automation tool will be more and more widespread, from SMEs to large companies. What is a marketing automation tool for and what is it capable of? Marketing automation (or marketing automation) is a tool allowing you to intelligently automate your marketing campaigns, to establish an automatic segmentation of your customer and prospect database, and to base yourself on the behavior of the latter to offer them targeted content and messages based on their actions . This is possible thanks to pre-established scenarios upstream. The days of sending mass emails (without targeting and understanding the consumer) are over.

    We are now taking an in depth look at customers their purchasing or browsing behavior and the user experience that we can offer them. As they say: the Country Email List customer is king! Do you want to offer personalized content to your customers, increase your ROI, be efficient and productive? Here's what you need to know before you start and adopt marketing automation in your inbound marketing strategy! Marketing automation terms You hear about lead nuturing, scenarios, lead scoring, progressive profiling, but that doesn't make sense to you? We will see together how these terms are important in the language of marketing automation.

    And when these terms no longer hold any secrets for you you will be able to implement an effective marketing automation strategy. marketing automation tool Lead nuturing It is a tool that allows you to “cover your prospects”. Carrying out a lead nurturing campaign allows you to focus on your budding prospects who are not mature enough to make a purchase. This campaign will build the confidence of its prospects, inform them, and support them in their purchasing journey (sending a white paper to show its expertise, for example). Buyer Personas A buyer persona is the ideal profile of your customer.