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Google Data Centers in full transparency

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  • Google Data Centers in full transparency

    Google the web search giant has decided to make the interior of its data center public by publishing it on a separate website Google Data Center . These photographs directly access the immensity of a group known worldwide for its ability to exploit the internet. However, this implementation is only a strategy for the communication operation of the firm which does not display much apart from the aesthetic extent of its materials. Because there are few people who know exactly what Google's data center equipment looks like, the company has deemed it necessary to show the world what is “Inside the Internet”: its Data Centers. Through a sequence of high quality photos and representation on Google Maps, the Mountain View group displays all of its facilities.

    This unique experience at the center of all the networks in the world is worthy of drawing the scale of such a firm also an overview of the place where all our information Country Email List is stored. Several Google data centers are set up all over the world, including 9 in America, 2 in Asia and 4 in Europe. Google chose to photograph a few sites namely Berkeley, South Carolina, Lenoir, North Carolina, Mayes, Oklahoma, Bluffs, Iowa, The Dalles, Oregon, Douglas, Georgia, Hamina, Finland and Saint-Ghislain, Belgium. Highly secure, these areas each have specific functions and for the budget, Google spends an average of $600 million for each Data Center.

    datacenter2 Facilities at the height of a titan Google's search engine reviews 20 billion pages every day responding to 3.3 billion queries daily and 40,000 every second. Moreover, Google also has 425 million users of its Gmail mailbox, each of which has 10 GB (4.25 Eb) of storage space. On the Google+ social network, the company has 250 million members plus the 500 million users of the Android mobile operating system . The development of all this data requires an unlimited storage capacity, not to neglect the “war chest” of Google which is the numerous information concerning Internet users. For videos, YouTube has 800 million users who spend 4 billion hours watching videos per month. 72 hours of videos are sent every minute for a final count of 1.3 billion hosted videos.