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  • Crafting

    Crafting is one of the first gameplay additions that is going to be added after our alpha demo version.

    Katyusha will be able to craft items by gathering materials through:
    - Environment
    - Loot
    - Quests

    Currently the only available crafting is the one that was introduced in the early alpha version. Katyusha can gather cotton from the bushes. By clicking in 2 pieces of cotton she can craft a medkit. There is also a thought that in the future we should add alcohol, so Katyusha will actually need 1 piece of Alcohol and 2-3 pieces of cotton to craft a medkit. This is under consideration.

    The main hub for Crafting will be the workbench, currently located at the beginning of Chapter 2. When Crafting is going to be implemented, we are planning to add two workbenches on each Chapter (so a total of four) to avoid backtracking. When using a workbench, Katyusha will be able to craft armor and weapons, by using the materials that she has collected.

    Certain things about crafting
    - The user interface will be similar to the one we use for the inventory.
    - Animals' skin will be used for crafting: Snake skin will be used for boots, wolf and bear skin for armor etc.
    - Most likely, crafting will be done instantly, as the workbenches are considered a safe area with no enemies, so there is no need for loading times.
    - Katyusha will be able to dismantle items and get crafting materials. For example, the green car in Chapter 2 is going to get dismantled.
    - In several quests, NPCs are going to ask you to bring them items that you will have to craft.
    - Katyusha Rocket launcher can be also customizable. There were 3 Katyusha Rocket launhers, so there is a thought that Katyusha could actually craft some of them. This is a subject to discuss. Definitely we are going to allow you to customize Katyusha Rocket Launcher vehicles by adding new stuff in them.

    - Armor and weapons are going to have durability, so Katyusha will have to repair items.
    - The total durability might be altered according to the usage.