Keywords in the long tail We get most of the traffic from Google from people searching for the brand Focus on long tail keywords In the long tail we only create very specific campaigns for our products which must include the device name the material and the color For Example those words that are keywords to our product phrases like iPad Air case leather black How to Get Real Product Reviews Without product reviews you won t sell anything on Amazon The amount and the quality of reviews are the most important aspects of your reviews to increase your conversion rate Unfortunately only out of customers writes a review Email your customers after purchase and ask for reviews You can use tools like Feedback Genius to automate this process Send the email a few days after the purchase.

Ask in a neutral way and don t force them to leave a positive review Provide a direct link to the review page as a lot of your customers have probably never written a review before You can also use this opportunity to make sure the product was delivered correctly and give the customer a chance to tell you about their experience good or bad so you can make the most of the interaction and build lifetime brand email database loyalty Use wrong positive seller feedback to get product reviews People often confuse seller feedback with product reviews Unfortunately the often really good product feedback is not very visible for other customers Review your seller feedback regularly for people who actually provide positive product feedback and ask them via email to also write a product review Comment on reviews Everything on the Amazon product page is public In particular the reviews.

Comments sections will be read by almost all future customers This is your chance to stand out Be sure to comment on any negative product reviews or on reviews where a customer has a question This is your opportunity to build trust and increase your conversion Further many customers who initially gave your product a negative review might even change it for a positive one because they are grateful that you cared about their issue Ask customers who email you for feedback is by simply asking customers who tell you how much they love your product Whenever you receive an email a customer service call or positive feedback on your social media channels just ask them politely if they are willing to share their experience with other customers on Amazon How to Provide Outstanding Customer Service You can t do anything wrong if your Amazon customer benefits Amazon itself is the most customer centric company in the world They expect the same standard from you as a seller Your best marketing tool on Amazon today will be outstanding customer service Your goal should be to create a wow experience which will help spread word of mouth Start your customer service on your Amazon product page.