Last week was held the Social Media Management Day organized by Seesmic France and Loïc Le Meur at the Microsoft France conference center. I am very satisfied to have been able to attend the first edition of this half-day conference on the theme of country email list social media and community management . The purpose of this event, which brought together around 450 people, was to present brand strategies in France on social media as well as various testimonials from community managers, marketing managers from major brands, etc. Many brands were present to give their testimonials: Air France, France country email list , Ben&Jerry's, Microsoft, La Poste, Orangina, Michel et Augustin, Canon France, Orange Business, Domino's Pizza, Facebook...

Social Media Management Day
Community management according to Loïc Le Meur
At the beginning of the event, country email list Le Meur spoke to us about his vision of community management and the scope of his LeWeb conference, which has become a major event in 7 years with more than 3,000 participants during the latest edition. Funny thing, country email list doesn't like the terms community management and community country email list because according to him “ you don't manage a community, it's rather it that manages you” . Can we indeed speak of community management when there is no really identified community or when we spend more time managing crises rather than communities?

What social media strategies for brands?
As we learn in all manuals (or those that already exist!), a presence on social media must be planned in advance and must be integrated into an overall marketing and communication strategy . What we observe in the facts is however far from the theory