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Digital Marketing for Journalists Opportunities and Challenges

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  • Digital Marketing for Journalists Opportunities and Challenges

    Digital marketing for journalists can be more interesting than you might think. The labor market in large vehicles is obviously crowded and with little prospect of improvement in the short term. Layoffs, stagnant wages, bad conditions. This is not a reality exclusive to the profession, by the way. According to ibge data , 10% of the more than 13 million unemployed brazilians in the first quarter of 2019 had higher education . Add the general economic crisis to the specific crisis of journalism, and you have a far from encouraging picture. While journalism is trying to reinvent itself , and it still doesn't quite know what its lifeline will be, professionals are suffering from their skin.

    In the meantime, a great opportunity is growing more and more: digital marketing for journalists. If you've spent many years in a newsroom, perhaps the mention of working in marketing sounds strange . Used to (and passionate about) objective reporting, it can feel like writing for a brand would be like selling your soul. Or they simply don't realize the potential of this new type of content. As for the first anguish, well, most likely you already write or wrote Kuwait Phone Number List for someone's interest: the owner of the communication company. That is, your soul is not so pure anymore , sorry. About the second case, we are here to learn a little about the opportunities that this field offers us. Digital marketing for journalists digital marketing can mean greater freedom for journalists digital marketing for journalists: summary.

    Digital marketing is not always such a clear concept for journalists. In fact, it encompasses all marketing and advertising activities, efforts and investments by companies in digital media. Disclosure of events on facebook, boosting publications on instagram, ads on google, texts for blogs and e-books are just a few examples of forms of digital marketing. For journalists, the main marketing is content. As well? Well, journalists are trained to produce content . And content marketing is the one that offers free and relevant content about a universe of interest to the user to capture their attention, attract them to the brand and then, casually, sell a related service or product. Normally, this type of strategy involves publishing texts on blogs, relating to users on social networks, offering rich material.