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    Performance analysis is the most important element of any strategy. Website positioning is no exception. That's why it's important to understand if optimizing your site is yielding any results . The new functions of SEMSTORM's position monitoring will make it easier for you to analyze the visibility of your own website and the activities of your competitors on a daily basis. What these changes are, you will learn from this short text. See the chart for each keyword In the monitoring panel, you can check how the position of your website changes for the selected phrase. Thanks to the new charts , it's easy to see what words your site's visibility falls on. You will quickly determine the phrases that are worth paying attention to.

    Website position monitoring in SEMSTORM Go to the competitor's website Position monitoring will also allow you to effectively compare yourself with your rival . Just go to the "Competitors" tab Competition Turkey Phone Number List in SEMSTORM Position Monitoring and choose one of the domains to analyze. In the Keywords report , you'll see side-by-side visibility metrics. Charts will allow you to find words on which the rank of your rival's page is increasing and yours is falling Check which competitor's website is displayed in the search results for the selected word. Thanks to the links that are next to the charts, you can do it with one click. Select the button next to the URL and go directly to the competitor's website. Monitoring the competition's position in SEMSTORM Note that the system shows the URL from the last selected date that appeared in organic search results. See the average position for local results If you run a business in several cities, you can also track search results by location.

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    All you have to do is add selected cities when setting up the campaign, and we will track the visibility of your website in each of them. Position monitoring in various locations In SEMSTORM, you will also receive data about the average position of your website for all added locations. This will help you understand how page visibility in a particular city differs from the average position. Customize the view of reports for analysis Thanks to the new filters , you can easily adjust the presentation of data in the report to your needs. You can do it with one click. Select the locations you want to compare with each other. You can also temporarily turn off competitor data, charts or URL and easily turn them back on. You don't have a campaign in monitoring yet? Start seeing the effects of your actions today. See how you can check the effectiveness of positioning in three simple steps.