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28 Text Templates for Small Business Marketing Campaigns

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  • 28 Text Templates for Small Business Marketing Campaigns

    Similar to a business 800 number, text marketing is an affordable and effective communication tool for small businesses. When was the last time you deleted an email without reading it or didn’t answer an incoming phone call? If you’re like most people, your answer will range from a day to a week. How about with a text message? Text messages have higher open and response rates than email. The short, concise nature of the message makes it simple to read even for busy people. Most people carry their smartphones with them, so customers can respond on the go when they have a free moment. Why Text Templates are Important What makes an outstanding text message.

    With so many different businesses and industries using text messaging, there is not a single correct answer. However, an effective business text should always include: A compelling call-to-action. The sender’s name and phone number. The sender’s ID. Similar to a custom 800 number that shares a compelling marketing message in a short space email database with text messages, every word counts. Business texts need to project a consistent voice and get right to the point. Text templates empower any employee to send effective text marketing campaigns, regardless of their writing skill. Business Texts Best Practices Since customers have to opt-in to be eligible to receive texts, it is essential to give them the option to unsubscribe at any time. Do not overuse business text messaging by bombarding customers.

    The power of text messaging pivots on offering your customers value every single time you text. The best text templates grab your customers’ attention. They are clear and concise, create a sense of urgency, and include a compelling call-to-action. Small Business Texting Templates: Marketing and Promotions Grab customers’ attention with strong calls to action that encourage an immediate response. Remember to use simple language that engages your customers and motivate them to shop. Example Templates: Sales Promotion Savor summer at with 2 for 1 taco and drink specials August only! Good for lunch or dinner.