Blue, with an elongated seat, silver handlebars, motocross wheels (or so it seemed to me) You can imagine my face. She was hallucinating . That bicycle accompanied me for many years in the town and I think it is the best gift they have ever given me. I don't know how my uncle (and godfather) decided to give me the bike. I guess he talked to my parents (I'll ask them later). The fact is that I was the target audience for that bike and somehow the seller knew how to get to me.

But beyond the sale, what nobody knew is that this bike would generate an emotion and a feeling that would mark my life and that I would never forget. Therefore, generating emotions and seeking to generate them is what can have the most impact on a business. Possibly B2C Email List this story is something that has awakened something in you . The fact is that now that I have your attention I have to ask you an important question: What is the purpose of your life? The most common answer is to be happy . It may have crossed your mind. And no, I'm not a seer. But it is that having a purpose in life according to scientific studies is associated with better health, well-being and perhaps longevity.

If we put it together with the care of the body and the mind, we would have the perfect combination to live longer and better. But there is a problem. Wanting to be happy is very subjective and as you have already learned, if a goal is not well defined it is very difficult to achieve it. How can you define a goal then? The answer lies in using the SMART method. Specific : specific, that is, something that can be clearly defined . Measurable : measurable, that is, you can assess whether or not you are on the right track. Achievable : achievable, that is, that it is something that is within our reach with our resources . Relevant : relevant, that is, it makes sense for our business, for example.