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tajweed rules in arabic

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  • tajweed rules in arabic

    eaning of life. To understand it clearly one must learn Quran with proper pronunciation. Reciting Quran in Prayers is important part of this religious obligation. If you are not able to recite this book properly it will consider as a big sin and on the other hand one who will recite it properly feel more comfort in offering prayers which results in way to gain blessings of GOD. Because Quran is in Arabic language and a word in this language contains several different meaning if one incorrectly pronounces an Arabic word it completely changes its meaning so it much important one to know Arabic words correct pronunciation e.g. ه‌ ح pronunciation of these two words is complete different. If one uses ه instead of ح it will completely change meaning of an Arabic word. If you are in need of a much simpler way to improve or learn pronunciation of each verse of Quran Surah just click on the below mentioned link and start learning Tajweed.