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Valorant Best Weapons Tier List - All Weapons & Guns Tier List

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  • Valorant Best Weapons Tier List - All Weapons & Guns Tier List

    If fans are having a hard time finding the best gun to use in valorant accounts , this tier list can hopefully help make that decision a bit easier. While the meta constantly shifts, there's generally always been a better choice depending on the scenario you find yourself in. There's some nuance in spending those credits wisely, but ultimately the gun chosen to play with depends on players' personal preferences. That being said, there are certainly better guns to use depending on the scenario.

    B Tier - Good

    B Tier weapons are generally a solid choice, and in some cases strong. However, they can be unfavorable when faced with higher-tier weapons. In comparison, there are only very specific situations where these guns can be useful for their cost.


    The Stinger is the cheaper version of the Spectre (950 vs 1,600 credits). The high rate of fire works well for close quarters, but the heavy recoil makes staying on target more difficult at longer ranges.


    The Bucky is the cheaper version of the Judge (850 vs 1,850 credits). It has a slower firing rate, which means it only performs optimally while playing defensively by surprising enemies at very close-range. It's a solid cheap pick for early rounds, or when looking to save for later rounds.


    The Ghost is a decent pistol for early rounds. For 500 credits, it is very accurate and can kill an unarmored player with a headshot. It's a great sidearm, but should usually be replaced by the Spectre or Judge if possible (depending on the player's preference for an SMG or Shotgun).


    The Classic ranks highly due to it being free. It is a good choice to save credits for later rounds, or to use when buying armor or utility. It doesn't have the best accuracy, but it does boast a decent time to kill with its alternate burst fire mode. It's possible to prioritize other purchases while still wielding a capable weapon.


    The Marshall is a very cheap sniper to use early on, when you don't have the credits for the Operator (950 vs 4,700 credits). It provides a one-shot kill to the head, but it misses out on the same one-hit kill to the body that the Operator can pull off. It has a faster rate of fire, though, and its lower magnification makes it easy to control.

    A tier (Consistently strong)

    Guardian (2,250 Creds)

    Sheriff (800 Creds)

    Spectre (1,600 Creds)

    After winning the initial pistol round, you’ll often find yourself a few Creds short of a Vandal or Phantom. If you want to pick up heavy armor and utility and you’re not keen on submachine guns, the Guardian is the way to go. It’s affordable and it deals a ton of damage, especially when you hit heads.

    The Sheriff is the most expensive pistol in the game for a reason. It deals 159 damage to the head and 55 to the body (with no armor). If you fancy yourself a keen marksman and you want to dig your team out of a hole in an eco round, buy a Sheriff.

    The Spectre is the best SMG in VALORANT. Its cheap price, moderate range, and surprisingly high damage make it an all-around good weapon. It will lose out in long-ranged battles, but it excels in close quarters.


    As expected, the highest tier holds the Vandal, the Phantom, and the Operator. Throughout the seasons, the performance of these weapons in long/mid-range engagements has been known to be the best. Cost-effective and powerful, not only are they a big (wall)bang for your buck, but they can also take out an enemy combatant with a few body shots (excluding the Operator, which only needs one.) Take any one of these firearms to stand the best chance of winning the match.

    There’s the gun tier list for Valorant, filtered by each category. While there are pros and cons to each weapon, this list will better inform your choices as you venture through Future Earth. If you want to know more information or Buy valorant iron account , I recommend visit