Loresoft has one purpose. To create immersive worlds with unique gameplay experiences, directly or indirectly connected to old-school games. Our inventory has deep lore, intriguing story and RPG elements. We are a talented team of developers with our main office being in Athens, Greece. Currently we have no funding resources but all of us work with a revenue share model, either internally or externally. As an english speaking team we accept developers and artists from all over the world.


Open positions


Lead Developer

Loresoft is hiring a developer for our 2D Platform/RPG Katyusha. We are looking forward for someone who has both experience and knowledge so that he can develop a demanding project, for which we are already in talks with worldwide known publishers.

– Unity knowledge
– C#
– Capable of creating A.I. mechanics in a Platform game
– Proven experience as a lead developer in at least one PC game (preferrably on Steam).
– Proven experience in Level design.
– Familiar with Unity Cloud Build.

– Importing pixel arted graphics into a 2D Platform environment.
– Building A.I. mechanics according to the game design document.
– Being able to developer puzzle mechanisms provided by the game designers.

– Being able to solve bugs, including stealth, hide and shooting mechanics.

Those of you that are interested can send your CVs to info [ατ] .

We are looking forward to have you in our team!

About Loresoft
Loresoft is a small game development team based in Athens, Greece. There are 6 developers who work for Katyusha from various countries all over the world. Katyusha is in an early apha stage. This specific job is remote and does not require rellocation in Greece at the moment. More info about the project can be found in and Katyusha Facebook page.



We are looking forward to hire an experienced 2D Animator for Katyusha, a Russian-themed 2D Platform/RPG currently in development.

– Experienced in Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro or equivalent programs.
– Capable of creating youtube trailers and gameplay trailers for video games.

– The job is done remotely.
– The animator will handle Loresoft’s future trailers.
– Work times are very flexible and deadlines are agreed from both parties.
– We will only need 3-4 trailers per release.

– Any previous experience with game developers and specifically Pixel art graphics is considered as a plus.

Please send your emails with a complete CV document to info [ατ]