Xenia introduces Hardcore mode!

In patch 1.06, among with a contest!

Loresoft is proud to announce a big update in Xenia, that comes with patch 1.06. We introduce Hardcore mode. Yes, if the game was difficult for you to finish it so far, then the Hardcore mode will be the ultimate challenge!

The concept is simple. Beside the normal Story mode, Hardcore mode is optional, and allows you to face the real thing. Finish the game without dying! A single death means that your progress is lost.

The first challenger who will manage to beat Xenia in Hardcore mode will win 4 Xenia Steam keys to share with his friends!

Rules are simple:
– Capture your video using any program (like OBS, XSplit, Shadowplay, Bandicam, Camtasia etc.)
– Capture the whole video from the beginning to the end with no editing.
– Upload it in your YouTube channel.

Send your video to info@loresoft.gr and if you are the first among the others then you will get 4 Steam keys immediatelly.

Here are the patch notes for patch 1.06
Hardcore Mode: Added an optional permadeath mode to the game. If you die or exit the game during the final boss battle then your progress will be deleted.
– New item in Magic shop: Increase protective Aura by 1 sec.
– Minor changes in Magic Shop: Improved descriptions, reduced window size by 50%
– Map updated (flat and grid movement)
– Fixed ladder bugs that were causing the screen to shake
– Improved Ardas animations
– Gold drop rates are now specific for each mob and not random
– Added Esc key for in-game Pause menu

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