Loresoft is hiring (update)

Open positions

Pixel Artist
We are looking forward to hire an Environmental Pixel Artist/Animator for a Russian-themed video game which is under development.

– Proven experience in creating Pixel Art environments for video games
– Capable of creating animated pixel art characters and objects if needed
– Experienced with creating user interface and in-game props
– Capable of creating gameplay trailers

– Familiar with revision control systems (Perforce).

– The job is done remotely.
– Work times are very flexible and deadlines are agreed from both parties.
– Portfolio links from either websites or youtube videos with proven work is always considered a plus.
– All developers work in a revenue share deal (both early access and final release) which depends on the amount of work.
– A Kickstarter will start in the upcoming months to fully fund the project if needed.

We are looking forward to hire an experienced 2D Animator for a Russian-themed video game, currently in development.

– Experienced in Maya, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro or equivalent programs.
– Capable of creating youtube trailers and gameplay trailers for video games.

– The job is done remotely.
– The animator will handle Loresoft’s future trailers.
– Work times are very flexible and deadlines are agreed from both parties.
– Any previous experience with game developers and specifically Pixel art graphics is considered as a plus.

Sound composer

(We received dozens of CVs and we are about to fill the positions for both our upcoming video games during these days. We’d like to thank you for your applications and your comments!)

Please send your emails with a complete CV document to info [ατ] loresoft.gr.

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  • Noam yankelevich

    Hi guys , would love to hear more about your composer / sound designer position . Thanks !

  • Loresoft

    Greetings, thank you for applying. Please send your email to info [ατ] loresoft.gr .
    The listing has been updated as we are now looking for a Pixel Artist/Animator.

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