Xenia patch 1.09 adds Steam achievements

We are proud to announce one of the final patches of Xenia. Our first PC game on Steam, has now achievements.

We have added 10 achievements in patch 1.09, so that you can increase your profile score. Most of them have to do with boss fights, while other effect game completon. Feel free to look for them. Who is going to get them first? Let’s see!

Achievement list:

Defeat the plant

Rock them hard
Defeat the Rock

Burn and hammer
Defeat the lava boss

Defeat the ghost boss

Under the moon
Kill the werewolf

Defeat the dragon

It’s either me or you
Defeat the evil wizard

Save the princess!
Complete the game for the first time

Complete the game in hard mode

Real-life Ardas
Complete the game in hardcore mode

Good luck adventurers.

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