Merry Christmas with level expansion

It’s Christmas but in Loresoft we are still working in Katyusha, so now we are proud to announce the expansion of our demo level in Katyusha early alpha v 0.218.

With our new update the demo level has been expanded.

Here are the version 0.218 patch notes:
– Bigger level: Double the size, double the experience. You can now loot more animals and enemy soldiers, while more loot will be added to the next patch.
– Free roam areas: You are now able to loot as free roam inside each level.
– Bridge: A new environmental element has been added: Bridges.
– Misc: Various elements, such as caves and surprise traps have been added.

The next patches will focus in loot, crafting and quests.

Download Katyusha demo on Steam

Merry Christmas everyone and happy new year!
Thank you for your support!

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