Katyusha Steam Achievements

Out now. Katyusha Soundtrack is 20% off.

Loresoft is thrilled to announce that the Katyusha demo now includes Steam Achievements.

We have added 6 Achievements for Katyusha: one in the 1st Chapter and the other five in the 2nd. Our upcoming updates for the Katyusha demo will include Crafting, an Economy system, and an entirely new game-changing feature, which we haven’t announced yet, along with improvements to the environment. We are also actively seeking a talented pixel artist to join our team.

Check out our latest trailer:

Play the demo now.

The Katyusha Soundtrack is available at a 20% discount until August 7th. Enjoy 17 orchestral renditions of WWII songs for just 4€.

Get the soundtrack and support our game.

The development of Katyusha will take a couple of years. To expedite the process and transition to full-time development, interested investors and/or publishers can contact us via info [ατ] loresoft.gr.

We are also glad to announce that Katyusha demo has surpassed 15.000 downloads!

Thank you for your support.

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