Katyusha alpha demo patches 0.26 & 0.263

Christmas patches and out next line of features!

Loresoft is proud to announce that after the Katyusha alpha demo released on December 1st, we now have two patches (0.26 & 0.263) which improve most game aspects.

Katyusha demo version 0.263 includes bug fixes and A.I. improvements.

– Elite soldiers: Enemies with improved A.I. which fire 2-4 bullets randomly.
– Pause button is now also available when in inventory.
– When Katyusha leaves enemy sight (either up or down), the enemy keeps firing at her for a short period.
– Enemies behind sandbags now also hit you with melee attack if you approach them
– When you shoot with a rifle, the enemy soldiers on screen are instantly triggered
– Katyusha can save in mailboxes only once every 20 seconds (in order to avoid wasting letters).
– Scaled difficulty: Enemy soldiers’ healthbar increases as Katyusha’s level increases.
– There is now an indicator for rockets.
– When Katyusha dies, all enemies will now respawn.
– Katyusha can no longer hide in a bush when enemies have spotted her.
– Knives do more damage than punches or kicks.
– Save timeout in checkpoints reduced from 20 to 15 seconds.

– Katyusha animation when she ducks with a weapon.
– Added speech bubbles in conversations.
– New main menu.
– Fixed snow effects.
– Chapter 2 barracks are placed on the ground (slightly lower).

– New tutorial messages for every action.
– Various tutorial message fixes.

Bug fixes
– Firing enemies or enemies firing Katyusha is no longer allowed outside the screen.
– Fixed a bug when Katyusha climbed a ladder and user would quit to main menu and Start a new game.
– You can not do damage in two enemies at once.
– Enemy soldiers now dodge a bullet when they duck.
– Fixed a rare moonwalking bug of Katyusha when she was hitting an enemy with stealth.
– Fixed minor issues with blocks after the bombardment of the airplanes.
– Enemy soldiers do not fire twice when you hit them at the back.
– Addes some missing edges for climbing
– Fixed a rare bug when user could open the inventory while he was dead.
– Rare bug: When levelling up, the square in the inventory does not disappear anymore.
– When Fuel and Rockets reach zero state you can grab new items at the original locations.
– Enemy soldiers no longer shoot Katyusha outside of the screen.
– When Katyusha is reading a letter, the game is now paused.
– When Katyusha dies and user hits the up direction to enter a bush, Katyusha no longer gets stuck in the bush.
– When you are hitting the punch button at the moment when Katyusha dies, then upon respawn she no longer hits a punch.
– When you fire at an enemy at the moment he is on the screen and visible and afterwards he moves outside the screen, the bullet now does damage.
– Fixed Katyusha ragdoll when being hit by airplanes.
– Enemy hitpoints do not overlap over dead bodies.
– When Katyusha loots, now she can no longer climb the ladder, until the loot finishes.
– When Katyusha Rocket Launcher is out of fuel and Katyusha collects a fuel can for a second time, the tutorial messages being displayed are now correct.
– Fixed a rare bug where in Chapter 1 forest, the two enemies patrolling it no longer fall under the platform when Katyusha kills them.

Things to keep in mind:
– Chapter 2 is going to have new areas, buildings and missions and the size of it will expand.
– In Chapter 2, the insides of buildings are placeholders.
– Soviet and German letters are going to be increased.

Upcoming features:
– Crafting: The crafting system is under development at the moment and will be added in the next patch.
– Lyudmila’s dialogues and quests are under development and we be steadily added in every patch.
– Dismantling items (ex. the car at the beginning of Chapter 2) and use the materials for crafting will be added in the next patch.
– When at sunset and night, the enemy’s sight range will be reduced.
– New enemies are going to be added in Chapter 2.
– Gunfights when driving: We are going to include a surprise gunfight while driving.
– Eagle skills
– And more…

Starting from today, we will send this build to various publishers and we hope that we will have a positive response! We are also looking for another pixel artist to help with the game’s graphics, so we apologize for some placeholders in graphics.

Download Katyusha alpha demo.

Stay tuned, Merry Christmas and thank you for your support!
See you on the battlefield comrades.

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