Katyusha soundtrack

Katyusha soundtrack has launched on Steam

17 orchestral revisions of World War 2 songs.

Nicosia, 5/12/22: Loresoft is proud to announce that Katyusha soundtrack is now available on Steam!

The soundtrack consists of 17 music tracks, all of them being orchestral revisions of famous World War II era tracks. This is a true masterpiece for World War II enthusiasts and for those that want to discover the music of the final version of the game.

Katyusha is a 2D Platform/RPG, set in World War 2, where players control Katyusha, in her quest to find her beloved, a soldier who is fighting in the front. The game has advanced A.I., day/night cycle, emotional moments and famous Soviet soldiers as NPCs, like Lyudmila Pavlichenko, who is already included in the Steam demo. If you like Katyusha game or even if you are a WWII enthusiast or pixel art lover, then this is your chance to support an indie development team and help Loresoft release the full game.

Katyusha is available for €4,99, with a 20% off for the first week (€3,99). Community support will determine whether Loresoft’s game will be released. Loresoft is looking forward to create a Kickstarter campaign and an early access version of Katyusha with crafting, more polished world, more quests and a new major feature which will be announced in Q1 2023.

Katyusha will be released for PC, Mac, Android and iOS, with other platforms to follow.

For media inquiries, Steam keys, soundtrack giveaways and interview requests, please email info@loresoft.gr

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