Loresoft is looking for a publisher for Katyusha

It’s been a long way without bullets, isn’t it?

Loresoft is announcing that Katyusha development needs a publisher or investor, in order to continue.

We’ve been working on this project for 2,5  years, since late 2017 (2019 was an inactive year for us) and we managed to create a version of 2 levels with many gameplay elements inside, including stealth, real-life WWII heroes, NPC dialogues, quests, levelling system, day and night cycle and the Katyusha rocket launcher.

We strongly believe in our product’s potential (we also got a runner-up position in the Nordic Game Discovery contest), but we need funding to go further. We need to add crafting and an economy system on the game and also create the full version of it, which is 12 levels. This needs a lot of work from artists and of course a budget. And our needs compared to other similar projects are really low.

Needless to say, we are also in need of a Lead Developer, as our current one is leaving for army duty.

For any interested publishers and developers our email is info@loresoft.gr.

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