Xenia introduces Hardcore mode!

In patch 1.06, among with a contest!

Loresoft is proud to announce a big update in Xenia, that comes with patch 1.06. We introduce Hardcore mode. Yes, if the game was difficult for you to finish it so far, then the Hardcore mode will be the ultimate challenge!

The concept is simple...

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Xenia patch 1.05

Our second patch is live. We have fixed lots of issues which make Xenia more stable.

Here are the patch notes:
– Fixed a rare screen freeze upon character death in levels 10-12.
– Fixed minor frame rate issues.
– Fixed a rare bug after level 10, which was returning the character to level 9 whe...

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Xenia patch 1.04

Loresoft would like to thank you for your kind support after the launch of Xenia.

Today we announce the first post-release patch (v1.04), in which we have fixed three issues:
– Screenshots can be grabbed now by using either F12 or the Steam key you have binded.
– Fixed a rare bug in one of the f...

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Xenia release day on Steam

Athens, 1/9/2017: Loresoft is officially announcing the release of Xenia on Steam.

The Metroidvania which takes place in Ancient Greece of the 12th century b.c. and is inspired by the real-life queen of Fthia, will release in the following hours on Steam:

PT: 09:00
EST: 13:00
BST: 18:00
GMT+2: 2...

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Xenia: A Metroidvania in Ancient Greece

A Metroidvania in Ancient Greece

Athens, 7/8/2017: Loresoft announces Xenia, a Metroidvania game inspired by real-life Greek Queen Xenia. Available September 1st on Steam.

n Xenia you will be able to control Ardas, a blacksmith who sees his city being rushed by evil forces...

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LoreSoft: The development team

We are a team of passionate game developers who started playing games since late 80’s. We focus mainly in creating video games with old-school gameplay and RPG elements. These are our profiles:

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LoreSoft profile

Loresoft is a small indie development team. We are mainly looking forward to develop games with old-school gameplay, while at the same time implementing RPG elements. Our first project is called “Editors” and it’s an Arcade Beat ‘Em Up.

Our website will be used for our announcements, posting of new...

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